This Saturday heralds the official return of the holiday season in Galion – the arrival of Come Home to Galion, a one-day celebration of all things Christmas.

The 2023 edition of Come Home to Galion will join together long-time favorites, such as the traditional Parade, with some new activities for you and your family to enjoy.

To get ready, here is our line-up for this week’s coverage.

First, beginning tomorrow we will do daily highlights of specific activities scheduled to take place on Saturday. We have already posted about the Open House at the Galion Public Library; that post can be read here:

On Wednesday we will be posting a complete guide to Come Home to Galion events. Be sure to check it out. To be sure, we will be on hand in several locations to take photos to share after Saturday.

Merry Christmas, Galion!

Image: DALL-E 3