On Saturday, the National Weather Service in Cleveland issued its regular monthly weather report for the month of May 2023 for cities within its service area.

The nearest such community to Galion is Mansfield, which experienced the following weather last month. This is a synopsis of that report: This report considers the climate normal period from 1991 to 2020 and the climate record period from 1916 to 2023.

Temperature Data

The record high all-time temperature for a May in Mansfield was 92°F, set on May 18, 1962. The record low was 25°F, set on May 10, 1966.

The highest temperature observed in May 2023 was 86°F on May 29. The lowest temperature was 35°F, recorded twice on May 1 and May 18.

The average maximum temperature for the month was 70.8°F, slightly below the normal value of 71.1°F. The average minimum temperature was 47.1°F, considerably cooler than the normal value of 49.6°F. The overall mean temperature for the month was 58.9°F, a departure of -1.4°F from the normal mean temperature of 60.3°F.

No days in May 2023 saw temperatures at or above 90°F or at or below 32°F, which is generally in line with what is expected for the month.

Precipitation Data

The all-time record for precipitation in a May is 8.83 inches set in 1989. The lowest recorded precipitation for the month was 1.5 inches in 1961.

The total precipitation observed in May 2023 was 2.12 inches, significantly less than the normal value of 4.19 inches. There were 9 days with at least 0.01 inches of rain, which is fewer than the normal 14.2 days.

No days in May 2023 saw precipitation amounts at or above 0.50 inches. The greatest 24-hour rainfall total was 0.59 inches, recorded from May 1 to May 2.

Snowfall and Degree Days

May 2023 saw a trace amount of snowfall, matching the normal expectation for the month. Since July 1, total snowfall has been 14.5 inches, significantly less than the normal total of 49.2 inches for that period.

Heating degree days for May totaled 208, slightly above the normal of 199. Since July 1, there have been 5,239 heating degree days, fewer than the normal amount of 5,943. Cooling degree days in May totaled 28, less than half of the normal value of 55. Since January 1, there have been 46 cooling degree days, which is also below the normal value of 63.

Wind, Sky Cover, and Weather Conditions

The average wind speed for May was 7.4 mph, with the highest wind speed reaching 29 mph on May 3. The highest gust speed was 36 mph, recorded on both May 2 and May 3.

The average sky cover for the month was 0.30, indicating clear to partly cloudy conditions on average. The average relative humidity was 61%.

Regarding weather conditions, there were no instances of thunderstorms, heavy rain, or snow. There were 4 days with rain and 9 days with light rain. There was also a day with light snow. Fog was observed on 9 days, and haze on 2 days.

Overall, May 2023 in Mansfield was characterized by temperatures slightly below normal, significantly less precipitation than normal, and a lack of severe weather events.

Image by Michaela, at home in Germany • Thank you very much for a like from Pixabay