In an exciting development for student health and wellness, The Ohio State University at Mansfield and the Galion City Health Department have joined forces through a groundbreaking partnership. The collaboration aims to address the pressing need for comprehensive health and wellness services on campus.

Recognizing the absence of a dedicated health and wellness office at the university, administrators decided to apply for the Rise and Thrive Grant to bolster support for students’ physical and mental well-being. Their vision was to consolidate efforts from various areas into a unified approach, focusing on enhancing the overall health and wellness experiences of students.

For over two decades, the Galion City Health Department has been actively involved in providing HIV prevention, testing, and education services at Ohio State. Additionally, mental health care has been contracted out to a local group called New Directions, which runs the Student Assistance Program. Collaborations with organizations like the domestic violence shelter further emphasized the need for community resources to be brought onto campus.

The Rise and Thrive Grant played a crucial role in facilitating this partnership. It provided guidance on establishing community involvement, ensuring all stakeholders were on board with the initiative. The grant’s focus centered around mental health, behavioral health, and sexual health, addressing the unique challenges faced by college-aged students.

“We wanted to make sure that they had all the tools available to them to be safe on campus,” said a representative from the Galion City Health Department. The partnership sought to equip students with easy access to the resources available and streamline the process of seeking help. Efforts were made to organize and centralize information to ensure students knew where to go and how to access the support they needed.

The community response to this collaborative effort has been overwhelmingly positive. Recognizing the university’s commitment to student well-being, local organizations readily embraced the opportunity to work hand-in-hand with Ohio State.

With the partnership now in full swing, students can look forward to a more comprehensive and accessible range of health and wellness services. The joint efforts of The Ohio State University at Mansfield and the Galion City Health Department are poised to bring about a transformative impact on the campus community.

As the initiative gains momentum, university officials express their hopes for a significant shift in student well-being. “We really hope that students can easily and quickly access help,” stated a representative. The ultimate goal is to ensure that students have the necessary support systems in place and are aware of the available resources, thereby fostering a healthier and thriving campus environment.

The collaborative efforts of The Ohio State University at Mansfield and the Galion City Health Department represent a shining example of proactive measures taken to prioritize student health and wellness. It is a testament to the power of partnerships and community engagement in creating positive change within educational institutions.