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Crawford County Auditor Robyn Sheets has announced that her office has begun the 2024 property revaluation/reappraisal. The process will be completed in 2024 and will be reflected on 2025 property owners’ tax bills.

Ohio law requires County Auditors to value all real estate parcels in their counties. There are two formal periods when all real estate must be reviewed to reflect current market value. One event is a Sexennial Reappraisal (once every six years), at which time all property is visited to verify different characteristics, information and values. The other is a Triennial Update (once every 3 years in the time period between the sexennial revaluation). This update is based on sales of real estate which have taken place within Crawford County. Crawford County’s last triennial update occurred in 2021.

“Because market values change over time as properties are bought and sold, a reappraisal is needed to equalize property values to reflect changes in the marketplace since the last valuation event”, says Auditor Sheets. Since property values do not change uniformly, some values will go up, some may stay the same, and some may go down since the Crawford County 2021 Triennial Update. Other factors besides variations in market value may cause a change in valuation. Some factors
may be new construction, buildings added or removed, or a new pole building constructed, for instance.

The County Auditor’s Office has contracted with Vision Government Solutions to perform the appraisal of more than 33,000 parcels of property in Crawford County. Vision Government Solutions specializes in mass appraisal projects and is approved by the State of Ohio to perform such services.

Over the next several months, teams of appraisers will be verifying property values and
characteristics as part of the state mandated appraisal process. The role of these appraisers will be to view all properties from the exterior. They will be identified with badges and car signs.

Before the property values become final, property owners will be given an opportunity to review and discuss them with the County’s appraisal team. Updates will be provided to local taxpayers throughout the reappraisal process.

In closing, Auditor Sheets stated, “The County Auditor’s Office takes great care to ensure that property information is correct and that each property is assessed in a fair and uniform manner.” Property owners with questions about the reappraisal process may contact the County Auditor’s Office at 419-562-7941 from 8:00 AM to 4:30 PM, Monday-Friday.

Image by Alain Audet from Pixabay