From special events to the critical emphasis on attendance and learning, Galion Primary School school is bustling with energy and enthusiasm. Here’s a glimpse into what’s happening this month.

Preschool Enrollment and Valentine’s Celebrations

As the calendar flips to March, Galion Primary School is set to open its doors for the next wave of eager young minds. Starting March 1, applications for the 2024-2025 preschool year will be available. Parents are encouraged to visit the school office to pick up an enrollment packet. This opportunity marks a pivotal moment for families looking to give their children a head start in their educational journey.

In the spirit of community and love, the school is also preparing for its Valentine’s Day parties on February 14. Details of these celebrations will soon be provided by each child’s teacher, promising a day filled with joy and friendship.

Educational Support and Rewards

A highlight of January was the behavior incentive program, which brought a special visit from a magician to the school. This initiative is part of Galion Primary School’s commitment to fostering a positive and stimulating learning environment, rewarding good behavior with unique experiences.

Additionally, parent-teacher conferences are scheduled for February 15, offering a vital opportunity for parents to engage with their child’s educational progress. The school encourages any parent who hasn’t yet scheduled a conference to reach out to their child’s teacher, ensuring open lines of communication.

Nutritional Needs and Attendance Importance

Galion Primary School continues to support its students by providing free breakfast, ensuring every child starts their day ready to learn. However, parents are reminded that breakfast is not served on days with a two-hour delay and to settle any outstanding charges promptly.

Emphasizing the importance of regular attendance, the school has announced an incentive for perfect attendance. Starting in November, students who achieve this will be entered into a drawing to win a prize donated by a local business. This initiative underscores the school’s belief in the critical role that attendance plays in a student’s success.