The Ohio Department of Transportation’s North Central Ohio District (ODOT_NorthCenOH) recently announced that they are hiring temporary highway technicians for the winter season of 2023-2024. The district serves Ashland, Crawford, Erie, Huron, Lorain, Medina, Richland, and Wayne Counties. This move comes as part of the state’s ongoing efforts to maintain and improve its roadways, particularly during the challenging winter months.

Apply online here or visit the State of Ohio portal to submit an application.

What Does a Temporary Highway Technician Do?

The official position description outlines a variety of tasks that the Temporary Highway Technician 1 will be responsible for. These tasks vary by season but are primarily focused on general highway maintenance. Duties include constructing, improving, maintaining, and repairing highways and roadways. The role also involves excavating and grading ditches, digging channels, cleaning waterways, cutting brush, and applying chemicals to vegetation.

During the winter, the technician will be responsible for snow and ice control. This involves operating snow plows with spreaders, brine dispensing equipment, and dump trucks with attachments. The role is not just limited to manual labor; it also includes minor repairs and maintenance on equipment, as well as bookkeeping tasks such as keeping daily records and logs.

What You Need to Apply

The qualifications for this role are quite straightforward. Formal education in arithmetic that includes addition, subtraction, decimals, percentages, and fractions is required. Applicants must also have the ability to read, write, and speak common English vocabulary. Three months of training or experience in the operation of basic equipment is also a prerequisite.

One crucial requirement is that the applicant must have a valid Class A or B Commercial Driver’s License without air brake restriction. This is to ensure that they can operate the motorized equipment that is regulated by section 4506 of the Ohio Revised Code.

The Importance of Highway Maintenance

Highway maintenance is a critical function, especially in states like Ohio where weather conditions can be harsh and unpredictable. The role of a Temporary Highway Technician is vital in ensuring that the roads are safe for all users. From clearing snow and ice to repairing potholes and maintaining signage, these technicians play a crucial role in keeping Ohio’s transportation network running smoothly.

The position also offers on-the-job and formal training in various types of construction inspection activities. This makes it an excellent opportunity for those looking to gain experience in this field.

The Ohio Department of Transportation’s North Central Ohio District is making a timely call for Temporary Highway Technicians to ensure the state’s roads remain safe and well-maintained during the winter season. With a range of responsibilities and a focus on both skill development and public safety, this role offers a unique opportunity for those interested in highway maintenance.

If you meet the qualifications and are interested in contributing to Ohio’s highway maintenance efforts, consider applying for this seasonal role. It’s not just a job; it’s a service to the community.