By 1831Galion

Theatre 166 is about to roll out the red carpet for a unique educational event that will resonate with the vibrancy of Broadway. On November 17 at 3:00 PM the theatre will open its doors to a masterclass led by two of the theatrical world’s most respected figures: Tony Nominee Jennifer Simard and Emmy Winner Jeff Richmond. This event is not just a masterclass; it’s a golden opportunity for those with a passion for musical theatre to learn from the best.

The stage at 166 Park Avenue West is renowned for being a space where creativity and culture converge, and this masterclass is a testament to that reputation. Aspiring actors aged 18 and above are invited to step into the spotlight, with a participation fee of $50 granting them an audience with the Broadway veterans. With limited spots available, participants are encouraged to come prepared with an audition cut of a musical theatre song, ready to be honed under the watchful eyes of Simard and Richmond.

While the participants will undoubtedly be the stars of the show, there is also room for those who prefer the audience to the stage. For a general admission fee of $25, theatre enthusiasts of all ages can immerse themselves in the world of musical theatre. Observers will gain invaluable insights as they watch the masterclass unfold, culminating in a Q&A session where the secrets of the stage are shared.

To be a part of this rare event, securing a reservation is essential. Tickets for both participants and spectators are available, but with the promise of Broadway expertise on offer, they are expected to be in high demand. Those interested should act promptly to ensure they don’t miss out on this chance to engage with the pinnacle of theatrical excellence.

For tickets and more information, please visit the official reservation page. This is more than just a masterclass; it’s a chance to connect with the heart of Broadway right in central Ohio.

Source: Renaissance Performing Arts Association