It was sheer pleasure recently when we visited the home of one of Uptowne Galion’s newest merchants.

Now, as the clock strikes nine on a weekday morning, a flower and gift shop on 215 S. Market Street in Galion stirs to life. Once known as Toni’s Flowers, the storefront now dons a new name, Blossoms & Gifts. The scents of roses, lilies, and a dozen other blossoms waft gently into the morning air in the store, announcing the dawn of a new business day, now helmed by new owners, Ayesha Frazier and Ethan Ackerman.

Blossoms & Gifts is more than your typical neighborhood flower shop. The store, open from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. on weekdays, offers a variety of services that extend well beyond Galion’s city limits. Through a trusted network of florists, they provide nationwide delivery, reaching out to flower enthusiasts across the country. And for those last-minute gifters or unexpected occasions, Blossoms & Gifts saves the day with same-day floral delivery in Galion and the surrounding areas.

The shop’s journey began on July 17, marked with the snip of a ribbon at an event hosted by the Galion Crestline Area Chamber of Commerce.

Ayesha’s relationship with the floral trade started years ago when she worked at Toni’s Flowers. Over the course of seven years, she nurtured a budding interest into full-fledged passion. Every bouquet arranged, every stem cut, every customer served brought her closer to a dream she held dear, “I always wanted to open my own flower shop,” Ayesha recalls.

Now, standing behind the counter of Blossoms & Gifts, she has realized that dream. However, the shop’s purpose extends beyond the simple selling of flowers. Visit the Blossoms & Gifts website and you’ll find a commitment to delivering perfect flower arrangements, curated gift baskets, and outstanding customer service.

It’s evident that Ayesha and Ethan aren’t just in the business of selling flowers. They’re in the business of spreading joy, celebrating life’s moments, and keeping connections alive through the universal language of flowers.

Whether you need a bouquet for a special occasion, a gift basket to celebrate an achievement, or a last-minute floral arrangement to brighten someone’s day, Ayesha, Ethan, and the team at Blossoms & Gifts are ready to serve. Drop by the shop or visit their website at to experience the Bloom in Galion’s floral landscape.

Photos from our visit can be seen below.

Photos: Galion Crestline Area Chamber of Commerce (top); 1831Galion