Special to 1831Galion

The Crawford Partnership announced today the launch of the Crawford Business Exchange (CBX), a service for investors, entrepreneurs and others to learn about available business acquisition, franchise, investment and other start-up business opportunities in Crawford County. Online information about the Exchange can be found at crawfordpartnership.org/cbx.

CBX is a new initiative designed to facilitate the flow of entrepreneurial talent and capital to those opportunities. Over the years in Crawford County, there have been successful businesses that have closed because management was ready to retire, and no family or employees wanted to or were able to assume the business. There have also been franchise opportunities that failed to find the capital and management needed to establish themselves, and some entrepreneurs have not been able to find the capital they need to start.

The first opportunity to be posted is Project Award, a 30-year-old existing business for sale with multiple revenue stream possibilities – rental housing, food, accommodation, and more. The current owner wishes to retire this year. The name of the businesses for sale on the CBX are typically kept anonymous.

If people are interested they should review the lead details on the CBX page and then contact David Zak (davidz@crawfordpartnership.org) or by cell at 419.912.1150. The Partnership will pre-qualify interested parties and then pass that information on to the owner, who will contact any they wish to. The lead will remain open until Monday, February 5, 2024.

There will also be an email list people can sign up for to be notified of future opportunities and receive status updates on existing ones. People should contact David Zak to be added to the list.

Crawford County Commission President Tim Ley was pleased with the announcement, saying “We support this new effort to help good Crawford County businesses stay open and continue for years to come. These businesses are the backbone of our economy.”

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay