Much has been written about the potential and transformative impact of Intel’s planned investment in silicon chip manufacturing in Ohio.

Local governments, school districts, businesses, commuters, and residents have been speculating and planning. Not only does that include New Albany and Licking County, but other nearby locations – likely including the Galion area, which is within the one hour commute radius.

On Thursday, a contributor to the social media site Reddit shared bullet points from a press conference given by a business developer with MA Design. The list, if even remotely accurate, suggests that the impact will be even bigger than anticipated.

These were some of the specific items mentioned:

  • Intel is building 6 fabs; we thought we were getting 3
  • There’s not enough labor, in the entire state, for the project. Seven thousand are needed; just for reference, 1,500 people were used to build
  • The reason the location was chosen was due to ZERO seismic events, as even the smallest seismic event would prove catastrophic for production
  • Chandler, AZ opened their first facility in 1980, when population was about 30K. This year, it’s estimated to be over 273K.
  • Between Intel and the battery plant, counties as far as an hour’s drive are preparing.
  • We will continue to have JGlenn but the Columbus airport authority will be building a new one, directly near it, then tear down the old one.
  • They said the impact will be so huge, we’ll be known as “Central Ohio”, and not just “Columbus.”

The Reddit post, which has already generated over 340 comments, can be read here.