The Galion Inquirer website made a return visit today to the Internet.

After being completely dormant since late January, the news outlet’s website showed several updates this morning.

Some weeks ago the print version of the Inquirer posted a short notice in their weekly print edition advising readers that there had been problems with the website and asking for patience. The Inquirer is a part of AIM Media Midwest. The chain updated its web presence earlier this year and other sites, including the Delaware Gazette, have had tech hiccups with publication.

The Inquirer no longer has a presence in Galion, being published instead out of Mount Gilead.

Now that Galion’s newspaper’s site is back up and running, 1831Galion has begun adding links to Inquirer stories in our regular Galion Area News from Elsewhere area.

As we have shared, 1831Galion, together with its partner sites 1812Blockhouse in Mansfield/Richland County and 1808Delaware in Delaware County, carries not only original writing and content but also links each day to the lead stories on other local news sites. That’s what makes us different and the ideal place to make sure you get all Galion area news.