Special to 1831Galion

The Crawford County Center for the Arts is partnering with Bucyrus Little Threatre, Galion Community Theatre, and the Crawford Theatre Company to host a “Behind the Scenes” Summer Bootcamp from July 8-12.

The five-day series will teach young people skills including stage building, set design, lighting and sound technology, stagehanding, costuming, and the business of nonprofit management. An improv comedy activity will round out the week for a fun send-off. Each group is taking turns facilitating the classes in order to give the students exposure to a variety of locations and organizations.

“We do our best to promote all types of art,” CCAC Executive Director Kaylee Powers said,“ and our area is very fortunate to have a rich theatrical community.” GCT Board Member Beth Jarvis added “Any time we are able to connect with young artists, we have so much fun!”

The goal of the series of classes is to provide a new opportunity in the performance arts that does not require the more traditional lessons in acting or musicality on stage. “Learning every aspect of the theatre only helps you to really enjoy taking part in it. It’s important to learn it all and be grateful to everyone who contributes to making a show a success.” said Betsy Gerhart, owner of MB Subculture representing the Crawford Theatre Company. Upon completion of the week attendees will receive a certificate noting their participation.

In addition to serving as an educational opportunity for participants, the education providers stand to benefit as well. Training a new generation in the hard and soft skills it takes to put on a theatrical performance will invigorate the community and ensure continued access to the performing arts in Crawford County. “We are excited to welcome teens to our theatre,” BLT Board President Cindy Light shared, “The week promises to be educational and fun!”

The bootcamp series is flexibly recommended for ages 12-17. Please contact info@crawfordcountyartcenter.com for scholarships based on financial need. Interested participants can sign up at https://www.zeffy.com/en-US/ticketing/9c0f1595-5ea8-406e-9ce0-fbbac9f83827.