By Thomas Palmer

Over the last seven years, readers of 1812Blockhouse in Richland County, and then 1808Delaware in Delaware County, have had access to read regular posts about significant historic sites in those areas.

To date, in fact, there are almost 60 entries in the “Landmarks of Mansfield” and “Landmarks of Richland” series, and there are another 20 to 30 “Landmarks of Delaware” (1808Delaware is a newer site). In each, the article looks not only at the historic features of a given house or landmark, but also delves into the lives of those who lived, met, worshipped, or played there. These have ranged from historic houses along Park Avenue West in Mansfield to churches in rural areas; from monuments in public places to historic musical instruments.

Several of them can be read here.

These new “Landmarks of Galion” will be featured every so often on 1831Galion, not in a Saturday Galion History Corner, but during the week.

Expect the first this coming week when we turn the clock back to the beginning, looking at a landmark house belonging to a man who arrived here just two years after the first settler from the east — and went on to impact the community in profound ways. In fact, if it weren’t for Asa Hosford, Galion would likely be a very different place.