April brings more than the arrival of spring; it also signals nature-related activities for all ages at the nearby Lowe-Volk Park as well as the Sandusky Headwaters Preserve. Both are located off of State Route 598, just south of Leesville and about 4 miles north of Galion.

The following is what is on offer for the first two weeks of April. For more information on any of these events, contact the District at: 419.683.9000.

Nature Center Open House

Monday, April 1   10am-2pm   Lowe-Volk Park

Looking for something to do with your kids while school is closed? Bring them out to the Nature Center! Naturalists will be available to bring out animals (including the AXOLOTLS!) and to answer questions. Kids will be able to touch and hold the animals. Our indoor treehouse and interactive kids’ area is the perfect place to enjoy the day off school!

Little Explorers: Plants

Tuesday, April 2   5pm   Lowe-Volk Park

Little Explorers is an interactive program for young children, ages 0-5. Activities focus on stimulating infants’ senses and developing toddlers’ and preschoolers’ fine motor skills. This month we’ll be outside exploring green growing plants!

Goodnight Sun: What Nature Does During a Total Eclipse

Wednesday, April 3   6pm   Virtual

The total eclipse next week will make the sky look like nighttime in the middle of the day! Find out how wild animals (and plants!) behave during eclipses. Visit our website (crawfordparkdistrict.org) or call to register and receive a Zoom link.

Find a Rainbow Day

Wednesday, April 3   5:30pm   Lowe-Volk Park

It’s National Find a Rainbow Day and National Walking Day—two perfect reasons to come out and look for rainbows while taking a walk through the park. We will also learn about how rainbows are made and have an opportunity to make some too!

Homeschool in Nature: Riddles

Thursday, April 4   10am & 2pm   Lowe-Volk Park

Wrapping up this school year, we are going on a hunt… a hunt to solve a riddle! Our clues will lead us throughout the park. Call the Park District at 419-683-9000 to register your 5–12-year-old.

“A Total Eclipse of the Park”: Eclipse Event Weekend

Saturday, April 6-Monday, April 8   Lowe-Volk Park

We are celebrating the full solar eclipse! Please see page ? in this newsletter for the complete schedule.

Face to Face: Rabbits

Saturday, April 6   11am   Lowe-Volk Park

Join Chelsea to meet one of the most popular animals residing in our Nature Center—Sylvi, a Netherland Dwarf. We will learn all about Eastern Cottontails (the wild rabbits of Ohio) and other crepuscular animals. Kids will have the opportunity to pet Sylvi and feed her some treats!

Nature Story Time: Eclipse Edition

Saturday, April 6   2pm   Lowe-Volk Park

Why is the sky getting dark?! Join Chelsea for a special story time all about the upcoming solar eclipse! This will feature a story and an activity to help children understand what they will observe during the eclipse as well as the reason that it happens. Kids will also get to meet and hold a surprise animal visitor—one who depends on the sun for warmth!

Sun Soakers: Meet Our Heliophilous Animals

Saturday, April 6   4pm   Lowe-Volk Park

Celebrate the upcoming solar eclipse by meeting some of the sun loving animals that call the Nature Center home. We will learn about the sun’s importance to turtles, snakes, and lizards, and program participants will be able to touch or hold the animals!

Viewing the Night Sky

Saturday, April 6   8pm   Lowe-Volk Park

Viewing the Night Sky

Sunday, April 7   8pm   Lowe-Volk Park

Face to Face: Nocturnal Animals

Monday, April 8   11am   Lowe-Volk Park

From salamanders, to tree frogs, to tarantulas, we will meet and learn about some of the nocturnal creatures residing in the Nature Center. Kids (and adults!) will have the opportunity to touch and hold these darkness dwellers!

Image by 12019 from Pixabay