The 2023 edition of the Crawford County Plat Books has arrived, and it’s more than just a map. Available for purchase at the OSU Extension office in Crawford County, located at 808 Whetstone Street, Bucyrus, these plat books are a comprehensive guide to the land and its owners in the county. For $25.00, you can own a copy and delve into the intricate details of Crawford County’s geography.

What is a Plat Book?

For those unfamiliar with the term, a plat book is a cadastral map that is drawn to scale, showing the divisions of a piece of land. Originating from the United States, the term “plat” can be pronounced as either /plæt/ or /plɑːt/. These maps are particularly focused on rural landownership, providing detailed acreage information, parcel boundaries, and section lines.

Specialty Maps and More

The 2023 Crawford County Plat Book is not just a landowner map; it includes specialty maps like the Crawford County Road Map. Additionally, it features 3D LiDAR Aerial Maps that face the landowner map pages. These aerial maps are enhanced using elevation data from the USGS’s National Elevation Dataset (NED), creating a 3D effect that shows the actual topography of the land.

Easy Navigation with Indexes

Navigating through the county’s roads and identifying rural landowners has never been easier, thanks to the Road Index and Landowner Index included in the book. These indexes serve as quick references for anyone looking to explore or understand the layout of Crawford County, Ohio.

Get Your Copy Now

If you’re interested in purchasing the 2023 Crawford County Plat Book, you can visit the OSU Extension office in person. For those who prefer to have it mailed, an additional charge of $7.00 for shipping and handling will be applied. If you wish to order more than one book, it’s advisable to contact the office for specific shipping and handling charges. With 64 pages of detailed information, this plat book is an invaluable resource for anyone interested in the land and its ownership in Crawford County.

Image by Pexels from Pixabay