We have interesting news to share for those Galion area residents who enjoy learning about their family trees.

Ohio stands as a testament to the rich tapestry of American history, a place where the past is not only preserved but vibrantly alive. The Ohio Genealogical Society (OGS), based just a few miles from Galion along State Route 97 in Bellville, has now taken a leap into the digital age with the introduction of its official podcast, “Ohio Roots.” This auditory venture is a beacon for those who cherish the past, providing a narrative bridge to the stories of yesteryear.

A Portal to the Past Through Voices of Today

At the helm of this new auditory experience is Noel Poirier, the Executive Director of OGS, whose voice serves as a guide through the labyrinth of Ohio’s genealogical landscape. The podcast is a gathering of minds—OGS members, chapter leaders, and staff, alongside esteemed genealogists and historians. Each episode is a mosaic of dialogues, offering listeners a seat at the table of discovery.

Diverse Narratives Under a Single Banner

“Ohio Roots” is not just a podcast; it’s a repository of narratives, each episode a chapter in Ohio’s extensive historical narrative. The discussions are rich and varied, traversing topics from the nuances of genealogical research to the profound stories etched into Ohio’s heritage. It’s a platform where the echoes of history are heard and appreciated anew.

Noel Poirier articulates the society’s enthusiasm: “We’re thrilled to launch Ohio Roots and share the incredible stories and resources that Ohio has to offer. This podcast is a platform for genealogists, historians, and enthusiasts to come together and uncover the fascinating roots of our state.”

An Invitation to Explore

“Ohio Roots” is an open invitation to all—experts and novices alike—to don their headphones and immerse themselves in the chronicles of Ohio. It’s a journey through time, a chance to uncover the layers of personal and collective history that make up the state’s identity.

How to Join the Journey

The podcast is easily accessible, a click away for anyone with internet access. To join this journey through Ohio’s genealogical heritage, visit OGS Podcasts or find “Ohio Roots” on popular podcast platforms.

In the spirit of discovery and remembrance, “Ohio Roots” stands as a testament to the enduring stories of Ohio’s past, inviting listeners to unearth the legacies that lie beneath their feet.

Source: Ohio Genealogical Society