As Thanksgiving Week begins, we’re taking a moment out to thank our readers who have joined us over the last year here at 1831Galion.

The switch was flipped here in early September 2022, and Crawford County’s only locally-owned, daily updated news and information site went live. In that time, we have posted over 650 stories, not to mention hundreds more links to Galion-focused news from area media.

In that time, we have launched a couple of new series, including Galion History Corner and “Everything You Always Wanted To Know About.” We have also connected Galionites with events and attractions in north central Ohio about which they may not have been aware.

We’re going to continue the current site, but with some additions to our coverage and offerings in the coming weeks.

For starters, we are going to be offering a free enewsletter to which readers can subscribe. These have been hugely popular in our other two publications – Richland Roast goes out each weekday to Mansfield and Richland County; and 1808AM is focused on Delaware County. Both contain links to our most recent stories but also a compendium of recent local coverage from other local publications.

Second, we will be creating a membership tier for those who want additional coverage. We call these “Super” pages – SuperRichland and SuperDelaware. In them, we collect continually updating feeds from various sources – the latest events at the Mansfield-Richland Public Library, for instance, and a collection of links of Ohio State sports coverage.

And there’s more on the way!

In closing we again say thanks! We also invite you to send us your announcements, business news, and organizational event information so that we can help get the word out for you. To do so, click here or visit the link on our home page.

At 1831Galion, it “Feels Like Home” because that is exactly what it is.