It’s a staple of cuisine in the Galion area, particularly at sporting event concession stands, picnics, at tailgate parties, and potlucks. Shredded chicken sandwiches can also be found at local restaurants and drive-ins. It’s a true Ohio “comfort food.”

In fact, the taste for shredded chicken sandwiches appear to be largely centered in the northern half of the state of Ohio. Ask your friends in other parts of the country and they’re likely to be completely unaware of them (unless they hail from these parts).

The genesis of the delicacy is likely related to that of creamed chicken. Of course, they can be made with a limited number of ingredients and are very budget friendly. Some variations in recipes exist, but usually they are created with chicken breast cut into shreds; soup (cream of chicken or mushroom), and some sort of breading to give the mixture bulk – crackers, bread crumbs, saltines, etc..

Some of your creative neighbors might add a bit of “zing” to their shredded chicken sandwiches by adding a topping of coleslaw or by combining them with cornbread and beans.

They may be slowly disappearing, however. During a quick review of online menus for Galion restaurants, we did find it on the menu at Caleb @ dk’s on Harding Way East but nowhere else. If you know of others, please share in the comments below or send us an email at: and will include it here.

If you are at a church dinner or a Galion Tigers football game, however, you’re in luck!

We’ll close this post with one of the many recipes for shredded chicken sandwiches. Bon appetit!


  • 3 boneless chicken breasts
  • 1 can cream of chicken or mushroom soup (can substitute can of chicken broth – just add a little more breadcrumbs to taste)
  • 1-1 1/2 C seasoned breadcrumbs, saltines, croutons or mix
  • Dash of seasoned salt and garlic powder


  1. Cook chicken breast with soup or broth in crockpot for a few hours on low.
  2. Add your choice of filler: breadcrumbs, crackers, croutons, chips, etc. Add the seasoning. Cook another two hours.
  3. Remove chicken from pot and shred. Mix back into crockpot, cook another hour.