Galion residents are embracing the opportunity for early voting this weekend, with hundreds having already made their voices heard at the Crawford County Board of Elections Office. Situated in the Crawford County Courthouse, voters are advised to use the side entrance where signs will guide them to the polls.

A Steady Stream of Civic Engagement

In-person absentee voting has been underway, with times extended through the weekend to accommodate the community’s schedule. As the weekend approaches, the Board of Elections is preparing for a surge in voters, highlighted by the nearly 700 Galion residents who have already cast their ballots as of Thursday’s close of business. The office expects a continued influx, as seen by the heavy turnout early on Friday.

Key Voting Times and Locations

To ensure all residents have the chance to participate, here are the crucial times for casting ballots:

  • Saturday, November 4 – 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM
  • Sunday, November 5 – 1:00 PM to 5:00 PM
  • Monday, November 6 – No Voting
  • Tuesday, November 7 – Election Day voting will take place at Galion High School

These times provide flexible options for the community to vote at their convenience, with a brief pause on Monday before the official Election Day.

Identification and Preparedness

Voters are reminded to familiarize themselves with the necessary identification requirements to ensure a smooth and efficient voting experience. The Board of Elections Office is ready to assist with any queries regarding identification and eligibility.

On the Ballot

The ballots feature critical decisions for the city, including statewide Issue One and Issue Two. Additionally, Galion citizens will cast their votes in several local races:

  • City Council Races:
    • Ward One: Kenneth Bodins (unopposed)
    • Ward Two: Jessica Kemp (write-in)
    • Ward Three: Michael Richard (write-in)
    • Ward Four: Carrie Zeger (unopposed)
    • At-Large: Kara Ault, Paul Durbin, Cathy George, Erik Miller, Brian Palmer (vote for up to three)
  • Galion Treasurer:
    • Morgan Bell (write-in)
    • E. Roberta Wade (write-in)
  • Galion Board of Education: Christi Eckert, Dennis Long (vote for up to three)

Residents are encouraged to review these candidates and make informed choices as they contribute to shaping Galion’s future.

Voter Turnout and Community Impact

With key local positions and issues at stake, the impact of each vote is significant. The local government shapes many aspects of daily life in Galion, from infrastructure projects to educational initiatives, making participation in this electoral process crucial.