Galionite Sydney Miller is proud to announce the publication of her first book, Close Call: Lucky Shot, the first novel in a planned trilogy.

The novel follows protagonist Ashley, who has suffered the loss of her parents, but has found purpose in excelling at tennis along with her best friend, Jenna. The girls have found mentorship in Krista, their head tennis coach, and her best friend and assistant tennis coach, Nicole. All four are members of the Women Power Club, a local non-profit.

In the opening chapter of the book, a brutal assault (warning: graphic content) during a club meeting puts the girls’ tennis career – and even their lives – in jeopardy. Although they survive, nothing will be the same for any of the four main characters, including Krista, who finds herself falling in love with paramedic Jeremy as she devotes herself to supporting Ashley’s recovery.

Miller shares, “I originally wrote the manuscript for the novel when I was a high school student. Creating fiction helped me get through real struggles in my life.” In her recent revisions prior to publishing the novel, Miller informs, “The story didn’t change; I just colored in the outline that was already there, but I was able to bring a fresh perspective to it.”

“One of the main themes of the book is the importance of mentorship,” says Miller. The strength found in the bonds of friendship also factors heavily into the plot, appropriately enough; as Miller states, “My friends were very helpful in collaboration through the process, especially with help on the editing.”

The second installment of the trilogy is currently in its editing phase, with publication projected for late 2024. “Editing Lucky Shot took a year,” explains Miller. “The second book is the longest; it’ll probably take at least a year and a half until it’s ready to publish.”

Miller is a 2015 graduate of Galion High School. She earned her degree in Integrated Social Studies Education from Ashland University in 2019, and she currently works as the Event Coordinator for the Ashland County Historical Society.

Close Call: Lucky Shot is available for purchase on Amazon, and a copy is also available for circulation at Galion Public Library.

Source, Photo: Galion – Crestline Area Chamber of Commerce