The weather continues its strange progression through winter. The slightly above average temperatures make outdoor activities seem like a more attractive idea.

The Crawford Park District is celebrating winter by offering many interesting seasonal programs as this transition period continues. Here are activities scheduled at nearby Lowe-Volk Park between now and the end of the month.

Lowe-Volk Park is located on State Route 598, just south of Leesville and about 4 miles north of Galion.

Feeding Day
Saturday, January 14   10am

Our animal ambassadors get a variety of foods. Some prefer worms or mice, while others gobble up leafy greens and vegetables. Stop by and help prepare some of the animals’ meals to feed to them.

Book Club
Wednesday, January 18   6pm

The Falcons
Wednesday, January 18   7pm

Six species of falcons can be found in North America.  Sleek and graceful, fast and powerful, the falcons are nature’s most finely honed airborne predators.  Meet Warren Uxley for a PowerPoint presentation about falcons.

Face to Face: Axolotls
Saturday, January 21   2pm

Join Naturalist Chelsea to meet the newest additions to our Nature Center menagerie: axolotls! Axolotls are aquatic salamanders native to Mexico, and their frilly external gills give them an unusual appearance. They have become quite popular with kids since they are featured in Minecraft! There will be opportunities to hold and/or touch the axolotls.

Viewing the Night Sky
Saturday, January 28   6pm

Image by Kevin from Pixabay