It’s difficult to fathom that February is barreling toward the halfway mark. Fortunately, the weather has been somewhat decent as of late (knock on wood), and travel has been pretty straight-forward.

With that in mind, here are activities of the Crawford Park District through the remainder of the month that will take place at Lowe-Volk Park, just a few miles north of Galion on SR 598 (Portland Way North):

The Best Nest

Sunday, February 12   1 PM

Did you know the Guinness World Record for the largest bird nest belongs to the Bald Eagle? The nest, in Florida, weighs over 2 tons and is 20 feet deep! Join Naturalist Kaily to learn more about these birds and build a life-like (average sized) replica of North America’s largest bird nest!

Book Club

Wednesday, February 15   6 PM

Tie the Knot

Saturday, February 18   1 PM

With Valentine’s Day just passing, we’re not talking about nuptials. Knot tying is a valuable skill that has many applications in life, and not just for when you venture outside. Join Josh to learn some basic knot tying skills and when to use each knot. As with any new skill, practice makes perfect. Participants will take home a handout of the knots covered and their uses and a length of rope to keep those knot tying skills honed to perfection.

Face to Face: Tarantulas

Saturday, February 18   2 PM

Join Naturalist Chelsea to meet the tarantulas of the Nature Center face to face! There will be opportunities to hold a Chilean Rosehair Tarantula and a Curly Hair Tarantula.

Feeding Day

Sunday, February 19   1 PM

Join Lisa to help feed some of the animals that reside in the Nature Center. Help prepare food for the box turtles, or dangle a worm for the snapping turtles to grab. Don’t forget the snakes would love a mouse too!

Viewing the Night Sky

Saturday, February 25   6:30 PM

Snow Insects

Sunday, February 26   2 PM

Some insects are most active on warm winter days on top of the snow. Join Chelsea to discover which insects are active in winter and why they are most comfortable in the cold. This program will include an indoor presentation, concluding with a hike down to the Sandusky River to search for insects. If we are lucky, we may find the elusive Snow Scorpionfly! The date/time of this program is subject to change based on weather conditions, so please check our website or Facebook page for updates.

Image by congerdesign from Pixabay