This Saturday, we will be sharing a Galion History Corner post that looks ahead while at the same time talking about the past.

Over the last several days, we have been delving into the world of artificial intelligence tools for news reporting and sharing information. Ways to use and funnel this new technology is being discussed extensively these days, but one thing is clear – AI has already changed and will continue to change the way that online communication takes place.

As we head into this brave new world, Total|Local|Media, the operation that publishes 1831Galion as well as 1812Blockhouse and 1808Delaware, intends to chart a courageous path in using this new technology. As we do so, we’ll be bringing our readers with us on this journey.

This week we actually launched the country’s first resource center for use of the new ChatGPT interface with local news. If you’re interested, it can be found here. Publishers from across the country have been visiting it regularly since it went online on Wednesday.

So this Saturday, we’ll be sharing an interview with Galion’s Bishop William Montgomery Brown given to a newspaper reporter in 1925. Of course this interview never actually took place. That said, it will still reflect Brown’s words and ideas as found in documented sources.

We’re planning on hosting a workshop on the new technology later this year.

Stay tuned.

Lastly, apologies to the later Tim Weiskopf and the late Joice Hayden for the split infinitive in the title of this post.