Galion City Schools has opened the doors to its 2024-2025 open enrollment period, extending a warm welcome to both new and returning students and their families. This year, the process is streamlined and digital, aiming to accommodate the diverse needs of the community it serves. With a deadline of May 1 for submissions, families are encouraged to act swiftly to secure their places.

How to Apply for Open Enrollment

Open enrollment applications are now available online and will be accepted until the May 1 cutoff. Galion City Schools emphasizes that all applications, whether for students who are re-enrolling or joining for the first time, will be considered based on the Superintendent’s discretion. This process ensures a fair and equitable opportunity for all applicants, reinforcing the district’s commitment to providing quality education to a broad and diverse student body.

For families looking to continue their journey with Galion City Schools, it’s crucial to submit a new application for each student wishing to return for the upcoming school year. Approval notifications will be dispatched by mail by June 15, complete with all the necessary steps to finalize the enrollment process via Final Forms.

First-time enrollees will undergo a slightly different procedure. Once their application is approved, they are required to schedule an appointment with the Registrar. This meeting is a critical step in creating a Final Forms account, which is an integral part of the registration process.

Important Note for Kindergarten Enrollment

A notable stipulation for incoming Kindergarten students is the requirement for screening at their school of residence. This measure ensures that the youngest members of the Galion City Schools community receive the support and resources they need to thrive from the very start of their educational journey.

Registration Steps and Details

For more information on the open enrollment process, including detailed instructions and the application form, families are encouraged to visit the official Galion City Schools website. The dedicated enrollment page here provides a comprehensive overview of the necessary steps, documents, and deadlines involved in the enrollment process.

By making these resources readily available online, Galion City Schools aims to simplify the application process for families, ensuring that everyone has access to the information they need to make informed decisions about their children’s education.