As the academic year approaches its conclusion, Galion High School seniors and their families should mark their calendars for several key dates. These events are milestones in a student’s life, each significant in its own right. Here’s a comprehensive breakdown of what’s coming up:

Final Academic Obligations

  • May 13: NCSC Grades Close 📊
    • Final grading period ends for courses taken through North Central State College.
  • May 15: GHS Senior Grades Close 🎓
    • Galion High School seniors receive their final grades, marking the end of high school academics.

Collection and Celebrations

  • May 16: Senior iPad Collection 📱
    • Seniors must return their school-issued iPads.
  • May 17: Senior Celebration and Last Day of Classes 🎉
    • A day of celebration for the seniors, combined with the thrill of the last official day in classrooms.
  • Clash of the Classes 🏆
    • An exciting event where different classes compete in various fun-filled activities.

Recognition and Rehearsals

  • May 20: Seniors Awards Night 🏅
    • An evening dedicated to celebrating the achievements of the senior class.
  • May 22:
    • Senior Breakfast 🍳 – A chance for seniors to gather over a meal one last time.
    • Senior Class Photo 📸 – Capture the moment with the entire class.
    • Campus Parade 🚶‍♂️ – A proud procession around the school campus.
    • Commencement Practice – Mandatory 🎽 – Ensuring everything is set for the big day.

Spiritual Reflection

  • May 23: Baccalaureate 🙏
    • A non-denominational service that offers a moment of reflection and gratitude.

The Grand Finale

  • May 26: Commencement 🎓
    • The official graduation ceremony where seniors will receive their diplomas and step into the next phase of their lives.

For the seniors at Galion High School, these events represent the culmination of years of hard work and dedication. It’s a time of celebration, reflection, and anticipation for what the future holds. Make sure these dates are on your calendar!