From Galion City Schools

Galion City Schools has become the first school district in Ohio to install the Centegix CrisisAlert safety system. This groundbreaking technology allows staff to instantly alert administrators and emergency services personnel during times of crisis—ensuring that help is available as quickly as possible.

Installed in December, our staff has been thoroughly trained and can now use the system appropriately if an emergency arises. This advanced technology will help ensure a rapid response from administrators and first responders. Consequently, this allows us to be more proactive in safeguarding our school premises during drills and real-life scenarios.

Using the system, there are a variety of alerts that can be activated. 

With the badge, any staff member can activate a 

  • Staff Alert or
  • Lockdown Alert.

Through the mobile app, district and building administrators can initiate alerts for 

  • Shelter Within,
  • Shelter in Place,
  • Evacuation,
  • Tornado Drill,
  • Tornado Alert,
  • And Lockdown Drill. 

These alerts can be used for a variety of reasons including medical emergencies, weather emergencies, threatening situations or even students leaving the building without permission. 

Staff Alert:

A Staff Alert can be activated by anyone with a badge. Staff Alerts are most often used in medical emergencies, student fights, students leaving the building or playground without permission, or situations where a staff member feels threatened. This type of alert only notifies building responders and does not elicit a districtwide response. 

Lockdown Alert:

A lockdown alert is reserved for potentially life-threatening situations with possible widespread impact. When this occurs, several actions take place automatically for everyone’s safety:

  • Staff immediately implements safety protocols
  • First responders are alerted
  • Strobes begin flashing and chirping 
  • PA announcements begin instructions 
  • Computer screens and monitors are taken over with instructions
  • School district responders are notified of the initiation and its location, viewable on the app
Shelter Within:

A shelter-within can be initiated through the mobile app when an incident occurs in the community nearby that could affect staff and students within the designated area. During this alert, classroom instruction continues uninterrupted; however, no one is permitted to enter or leave the building until the situation is resolved. 

Shelter in Place:

A shelter-in-place alert is used when a situation occurs close by or within a school building that has the potential to escalate or where medical personnel are needed. During this type of alert, classroom instruction continues, students and teachers remain in their current classrooms, and no one enters or exits the building until the situation is resolved. 


An evacuation alert occurs when there is a viable safety threat. During this alert, 911 is called, strobe lights begin flashing and chirping, PA announcements begin instructions, computer screens and monitors are taken over with instructions, and responders are notified via the app. 

Lockdown Drill:

The Centegix CrisisAlert system allows administrators to conduct drills to ensure all lockdown protocols are followed. These drills will be performed ahead of time to provide a simulated event—allowing building administrators, district responders, staff, and students to practice their roles, inspect how they react accurately, and ensure the system is working correctly.

Emergency Communication:

In the event of a lockdown, the district will communicate with families through the all-call system or email with any instructions. After students and staff are safe, parents will receive additional updates and information following the lockdown. The district website will have the most recent and accurate information for parents. Social media, in most instances, will not be used to communicate emergency information. 

Understanding the types of alerts used when responding to safety concerns is important. Our first priority is our students’ and staff members’ safety, and we are proud of our continual efforts to build upon our safety measures. 

Image by 亚 孙 from Pixabay