Galion City Schools purchased new technology in 2022 to continue providing interactive learning opportunities for Galion students. The new technology, ActiveFloors, will reinforce academics in all subject areas while allowing children to get out of their chairs and move.   

Initially, the district used ESSER Funds (emergency relief funds to address the impact of COVID-19) to purchase a Lü Playground. This interactive system includes a high-definition projector, a movement detection camera, speakers, and an LED lighting system. The Lü Playground system projects interactive games in subjects such as math, spelling, and physical fitness, allowing students to respond to questions and lessons using physical movement.  

The district has since purchased four ActiveFloor units using a 21st Century Learning Communities Grant. The Active Floor Units include a mobile box containing a projector and a computer, and a camera that tracks movement.  A white vinyl floor mat is used for maximum visual display of the games.  The mat and unit can be moved, allowing any floor space to be used as an interactive, instructional playground – stimulating movement and competition while students learn. 

Students at Galion Primary, Intermediate and Middle Schools now have access to this multi-sensory tool during their technology and physical education lessons. The ROAR program, the district’s before and after school program, has trained its staff and begun to use the mobile units to provide this immersive educational technology as well. 

“We are so pleased to be able to offer these multi-sensory learning experiences to our students,” said Superintendent Jennifer Allerding. “The Lü Playground and ActiveFloors allow students to release energy after a full day in the classroom while reinforcing academic learning. We will continue to look for and explore innovative 21st-century opportunities for our students.” 

Photo: Galion City Schools