GOAL Digital Academy proudly hosted its 5th Annual Art Show & Sale at the Delaware Lab Location, celebrating the artistic talents of our students and the supportive spirit of our communities across Central Ohio. This year’s event was our best yet, thanks to the enthusiastic participation and generous contributions from everyone involved.

Several Galion students were among those honored.

Jenna Abrams, a 2024 graduate and Marion student, captivated attendees with her exceptional talent and unique artistic vision. Jenna’s passion for art has been evident since childhood, as she explored new techniques and mediums such as alcohol markers, watercolors, acrylic paints, and clay. Describing her art as “beautiful chaos,” Jenna’s work encompasses a wide spectrum of emotions—from sorrow and euphoria to rage and love—often within a single piece. Her participation in the art show was extraordinary, with her artwork generating $600 in sales, making her the top seller. Jenna is committed to continuing her artistic journey, aiming to resonate with and validate others’ feelings. She is also enthusiastic about starting her own business, pursuing higher education, and participating in art festivals to share her creations with a broader audience.

Casey Clark, High School Art Teacher and creator of the Annual Art Show and Sale, stated, “This year’s Art Show was truly record-breaking, and we couldn’t be prouder of our students. The level of engagement this event brings to GOAL is extraordinary. It’s one of my favorite days of the school year, as it fills the building with laughter and smiles. The immense pride each student feels while viewing their artwork on display is both incredibly fun and deeply rewarding.”

The event raised an impressive $2,714, with the majority of the proceeds going directly back to our young artists. In addition to sales, funds were supported by donations, raffles, book sales, and staff art to benefit the Fine Art programming at GOAL Digital Academy. The sheer volume of creativity on display was astounding, with over 1500 unique art pieces exhibited. Each piece showcased incredible talent and hard work. More than 250 students participated in the event, representing all our labs, including Columbus and Mended Reeds. This wide-ranging participation underscores the enthusiasm and dedication of our students to their artistic pursuits.

Newly welcomed K-8 Art Teacher, Alyssa Clayton, stated, “Setting up my first art show at GOAL reaffirmed the magic in teaching and the infinite potential of every artist’s journey. For me, it was a moment of shared joy and accomplishment where creativity bloomed and became visible to all who wandered through our gallery.”

We were thrilled to welcome over 200 staff members, students, and community visitors from far-reaching GOAL lab locations, including Newark and Mansfield. Their presence added to the vibrant atmosphere of the event and provided an opportunity for students to appreciate and support each other’s work.

Student Awards:

Top Elementary Artist: Justin Rhett Stewart, 1st Grade, Cardington

Top Middle School Artist: Ciera Cramer, 6th Grade, Mount Vernon

Top High School Artist: Jenna Abrams, 12th Grade, Marion


1st Place – Mason Meadows, Mansfield

2nd Place – Annabella Halley, Delaware

3rd Place – Paul Guy, Newark

1st Grade

1st Place – Jason Cole, Mansfield

2nd Place – Jay-Lynne Cole, Mansfield

3rd Place – Aaleyah Snyder, Galion

2nd Grade

1st Place – Katieann Deems, Mount Vernon

2nd Place – Logan Carey, Galion

3rd Place – Memphis Vargo, Marion

3rd Grade

1st Place – Calah Mahek, Galion

2nd Place – Hunter Simmons, Newark

3rd Place – Jayden Snyder, Galion

4th Grade

1st Place – Haley Sieving, Mansfield

2nd Place – Jaxon Baldwin, Galion

3rd Place – Aiden Snyder, Galion

5th Grade 

1st Place – Emmalyn Glass, Marion

2nd Place – Jaelynn Stephens, Mansfield

3rd Place – Sutton Miller, Marion

6th Grade 

1st Place – Jack Anderson, Mansfield

2nd Place – Cole Lewis, Delaware

3rd Place – Aubree Stover, Newark

7th Grade 

1st Place – Ruby Stratton, Galion

2nd Place – Bradleigh Glass, Marion

3rd Place – Vada Savage, Newark

8th Grade

1st Place – Alex Shonebarger, Newark

2nd Place – Shaye Eaton, Galion

3rd Place – Maleya Stover, Delaware 

9th Grade

1st Place – Francesca DePauw, Mansfield

2nd Place – Kristie Miller, Marion

3rd Place – Elysia Leasure, Delaware

10th Grade

1st Place – Lillian Chafin, Galion

2nd Place – Jason Bigler, Cardington

3rd Place – Memphis Wilson, Delaware

11th Grade

1st Place – Jacob Hurley Calevro, Delaware

2nd Place – Briannah Patterson, Delaware

3rd Place – Shelby Lozier, Galion

12th Grade

1st Place – Princeton McArtor, Delaware

2nd Place – Rylan Cramer, Mount Vernon

3rd Place – Laura Barnhart, Delaware

GOAL Digital Academy remains steadfast in its commitment to nurturing and supporting Fine Art endeavors among its students. By providing opportunities such as the Annual Art Show & Sale, we aim to cultivate creativity, self-expression, and artistic excellence. Our dedication to the arts is reflected not only in the success of our events but also in the continued growth and development of our students as they explore their artistic passions.

Source, Photo: GOAL Digital Academy