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Galion High School Band Director Theresa O’Deens recently marched with Saluting America’s Band Directors during the annual Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade in New York City. As district staff consistently promote the Galion City Schools mission to “Believe, Achieve, and Succeed” among students, O’Deens proudly embodied this sentiment through her involvement in the performance, bringing back her experience, new ideas and refreshed enthusiasm to the classroom.

O’Deens is on the left in the bottom row in the above photo.

The group, created by the Michael D. Sewell Foundation, gathered 400 band directors and an additional 250 staff, friends and family members from all 50 states. This foundation honors the late Michael D. Sewell, who dedicated his life to various music programs in Pickerington and Central Ohio for over 38 years. “I was one of Sewell’s students, so having the opportunity to participate in this trip and honor his legacy in such a way was very special for me,” remarked O’Deens.

“Theresa’s involvement with Saluting America’s Band Directors is a testament to her dedication to demonstrating our ‘Portrait of a Tiger’ to students,” stated Superintendent Dr. Jeffrey Hartmann. “We are fortunate to have our high school band students led by an individual who continues to be involved, self-disciplined, empathetic and a person of integrity inside and outside of the classroom,” concluded Hartmann.

Underscoring the broader message of personal development and lifelong learning encouraged by the district’s Portrait, O’Deens reflects, “I hope that seeing me participate in the parade was a powerful reminder for our students that the joy of music extends far beyond high school and that endless possibilities lie ahead!”

For performance clips and more information on the organization, please visit: https://banddirectorsalute.org/2023-macys-parade%C2%AE-1

Source, Photo: Galion City Schools