Galion High School is taking a groundbreaking step to enhance the academic abilities of its students. Recognizing the vital role of reading in educational success, GHS is introducing an advanced reading intervention program aimed at assisting struggling learners in grades 9-12. This initiative, set to launch on February 26, represents a significant commitment by the school to support students at all levels of academic achievement, especially those who face challenges in mastering reading skills.

A New Approach to Academic Assistance

Traditionally, the 8th period at GHS has been dedicated to Academic Assist, a time for students to receive additional help in various subjects. In a strategic move, the school is restructuring this period to include a specialized reading intervention program. This change is driven by the understanding that strong reading skills are fundamental to academic success across all content areas.

Targeting the Core of Reading Struggles

The intervention program is meticulously designed for adolescents who find it challenging to read long, multisyllabic words and comprehend complex texts. By focusing on explicit, teacher-led instruction, the program equips students with essential skills to tackle reading difficulties. Its benefits extend beyond mere reading improvement, as it also aims to:

  • Enhance student performance in content-area classes that require advanced reading abilities.
  • Improve fluency, vocabulary, and comprehension skills, crucial for academic success.
  • Prepare students for state tests by practicing relevant question types.
  • Offer effective support to all categories of struggling readers, including English language learners, students with reading disabilities, and those who have fallen behind.

Identifying Students for the Program

Identification of students who would most benefit from this intervention is a critical step. GHS will utilize two screening assessments to determine which students need this specialized support. Those identified will receive focused, small group instruction during the 8th period each day, ensuring a personalized approach to learning.

The decision to implement this program at the high school level comes on the heels of its remarkable success in lower grades within the district. The positive outcomes observed in younger students have fueled the enthusiasm for its introduction at GHS. The school anticipates that this program will play a pivotal role in transforming struggling readers into confident and capable learners.

Seeking Further Information

Galion High School invites the community to learn more about this innovative reading intervention program and its tiered interventions. For additional details, interested parties are encouraged to contact the high school office. This initiative is more than just an educational reform; it’s a commitment to the future success of every student at GHS.