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Galion 7th and 8th Grade Robotics Team Triumphs at Cardboard Boat Regatta

In a stunning display of ingenuity and teamwork, the Galion 7th and 8th grade Robotics Team emerged victorious at the Cardboard Boat Regatta held recently at Ontario High School’s natatorium.

Entering the competition with five meticulously crafted cardboard boats and a team comprising 17 talented students, Galion Robotics Team set out to showcase their innovation and engineering skills.. Their dedication and collaborative spirit paid off handsomely as their overall performance earned several awards, including  the prestigious Traveling Paddle, which Ontario’s team has held onto for the past three years. 

Among the awards earned by the Galion Robotics team, one of the most notable was the 1st place for “Best Engineered” boat.  The team’s commitment to innovation and creativity was duly recognized with a 3rd place award for “Most Creative” boat.  Two of the Galion boats were awarded with 1st and 3rd place for  “Most Buoyant” boat.

In addition to their engineering prowess and creativity, the Galion Robotics team showcased their understanding of competition and strategy by making calculated adjustments to boat assignments in which team members paddled certain boats. They calculated correctly as one of their boats came out on top with the “Fastest” boat award.

While their achievements are undoubtedly impressive, what truly sets the Galion Robotics team apart is the shared enjoyment of the event. Students, Kamden S. and Xzander L.,  claimed that their favorite part of the regatta was the overall fun of the event and the opportunity to work together to strategize.

Source, Photo: Galion City Schools