Galion High School’s Athletic Director, Matt Tyrrell, recently delivered a detailed presentation outlining the various facets of the upcoming extracurricular seasons. This update was designed for students, parents, and fans gearing up for the winter sports season. It encompassed a range of topics including ticket information, eligibility criteria, and health and safety measures, aiming to foster a positive and competitive environment for student athletes. Tyrrell shared the following:

Ticketing and Attendance Made Easier

A notable change this season is the introduction of digital ticketing options. While traditional cash purchases are still available, the convenience of pre-buying digital tickets for events is a significant step towards modernizing the athletic experience. These digital tickets can be purchased via the Galion City School District’s website and are compatible with both mobile devices and printed paper copies. Moreover, various season pass options are available, catering to different preferences and needs.

Emphasizing Eligibility and Academic Standards

Eligibility remains a pivotal aspect of student participation in sports. High school athletes must pass a minimum of five one-credit courses, while middle school students need four. Additionally, compliance with OSAA regulations and school rules is mandatory. Terrell emphasizes the importance of academic performance and encourages students to maintain responsibility for their eligibility.

Promoting Health, Safety, and Sportsmanship

The school has partnered with Avita to provide a dedicated trainer, Sandy Bricker, focusing on the athletes’ health and safety. Furthermore, the school maintains a stringent stance against substance abuse, underlining the detrimental effects of substances like marijuana and alcohol on athletic performance. The athletic department also continues its random drug testing program to ensure a healthy and fair sporting environment.

Leveraging Technology for Enhanced Engagement

WMFD will live stream selected home varsity events, providing fans unable to attend in person the opportunity to support their teams. This initiative not only increases engagement but also showcases Galion’s commitment to leveraging technology for community involvement.

Active Parental Involvement Encouraged

The school urges parents to engage actively in their children’s athletic journey. This can be through participation in sports-specific parents clubs or the booster club. Such involvement not only supports the school’s athletic programs but also fosters a sense of community and shared responsibility.

The video update can be viewed below.

Source: Galion City Schools; Photo: DALL-E 3