As we check in again with the Crawford Park District, it is immediately clear that September is a very busy month.

Events and workshops during the remainder of this month are plentiful, and include opportunities to learn new skills and experience the changes as an Ohio summer turns into an Ohio fall.

Here is information on District programs that take place at Lowe-Volk Park and Nature Center. For additional information or for reservations, if required, call 419.683.9000.

Canning/Food Preservation
Date: Thursday, September 14
Time: 6pm
Description: Yes, you CAN! If you’ve been wanting to preserve your own produce, come to the Nature Center to learn all about canning and food preservation. Presented by local gardening enthusiast Magen Fuller, you’ll learn all the different methods of safely preserving food for your family to enjoy year-round. From freezing to pressure canning, we’ll cover food safety, food preservation guidelines, and all the tools needed to get started preserving your own food.

Face to Face: Caterpillars
Date: Saturday, September 16
Time: 11am
Description: Caterpillars come in a variety of shapes, colors, and textures. Come meet, touch, or hold some caterpillar friends like a Hickory Horned Devil, while learning about how vital they are to food webs. Fun for all ages!

Wasting Whitetails: Impacts of Deer Diseases
Date: Monday, September 18
Time: 5pm
Description: Whitetail Deer are the most pursued game species in Ohio. In recent years, Epizootic Hemorrhagic Disease (EHD) and Chronic Wasting Disease (CWD) have been reported in Ohio’s deer herd. Ohio Division of Wildlife’s Deer Biologist, Clint McCoy, will provide information regarding these diseases and their implications for deer management. Clint will also cover other diseases and oddities that, while not of much concern for humans, are commonly encountered (fibromas, hydrocysts, molting, etc.).

Monarch Tagging
Date: Wednesday, September 20
Time: 5pm
Description: Learn about the life cycle of the Monarch butterfly, its need for milkweed plants, and their amazing migration to Mexico. You will have an opportunity to help Kansas University with Monarch migration and population research by attempting to capture, tag, and release Monarch butterflies. All ages welcome. Nets will be provided.

Lashing: A Lost Campcraft
Date: Saturday, September 23
Time: 1pm
Description: While knot tying is an important component of campcraft, lashing a sturdy camp gadget together with rope and two or more pieces of wood is essential. Join Mr. Josh for a fun afternoon as he teaches you how to utilize the three types of lashes: square, diagonal, and sheer. From tripods to tables, and simple hangers to complex towers, lashing together camp gadgets will give your campsite that rustic feel while providing a useful accoutrement for your daily camp activities.

Viewing the Night Sky
Date: Saturday, September 23
Time: 8pm

Feeding Day
Date: Monday, September 25
Time: 5pm
Description: Join Lisa to help feed some of the animals that reside in the Nature Center. Help prepare food for the box turtles or dangle a worm for the snapping turtles to grab. Don’t forget our snakes would love a mouse too!

Viewing the Night Sky
Date: Saturday, September 30
Time: 8pm

Image by magee from Pixabay