Marion-Crawford Prevention Programs (MCPP) has announced that it is working with Crawford County students to host the first “Crawford Connected Drug Free Youth Rally.” The student-led event will take place from 11:00 AM to 2:00 PM. this Thursday, September 22 at Schines Art Park in Bucyrus and feature student bands, food trucks, games, and welcome stakeholders, including Mayor Jeff Reser, Crawford County Commissioners, and local businesses celebrating the majority of students who choose to be substance free.

Laura Busler, Associate Director with Marion-Crawford Prevention Programs, was pleased to make the announcement: “This event allows the community and local businesses to see and meet these students, these kids, making good choices. All substance-free students at the Crawford County local school districts are welcome to participate in the rally.”

Students from all Crawford County school districts are expected to attend, and the number of participants is estimated to exceed 150. The rally is part of the efforts of the Ohio Youth-Led Prevention Network, and MCPP coordinated their first such event in Marion in 2021. It is designed to showcase and bring attention to the fact that most students are drug and alcohol-free and promote a positive message to the community and business community who will hire these future employees and the next generation of leaders.

“The rally sheds light on the students who are using skills to recognize and resist pressures to try substances,” shared Crawford County Commissioner Tim Ley, a former Crawford County Sherriff’s Office deputy of 37 years and former DARE officer. “It is wonderful to see this initiative come to life with the support of the Crawford Partnership, Bucyrus Area Chamber of Commerce, Marion-Crawford Prevention Programs, Commissioners, and City of Bucyrus.”