By Thomas Palmer

It’s an exciting start to summer 2024 at the landmark Gill House in Galion, as the house opens for tours, new events, and opportunities to explore. Here is some of what is on tap for the coming weeks at Galion’s home for history at 342 Harding Way West.

SUMMER HOUSE TOURS BEGIN – This year, the Gill House will offer a new visiting experience for guests. Visitors will have access to a self-guided tour that will introduce them to each room and the artifacts on display. These tours, which cost only $5 per guest, will be available from 1 PM to 3 PM each Sunday afternoon through September, beginning this Sunday, May 12. What better way to celebrate Mother’s Day than with a visit to a beautiful historic house on Galion’s most historic residential corner?

Each week will also include artifacts on display from the growing local history collection of Preserving Galion, Inc., owners of the house.

The Gill House, built in 1903 to the design of nationally noted architect Louis Kamper, was the home of Bloomer and Nellie Gill and sits at a remarkable location tied to Galion history. The house was visited by family friends Thomas and Mina Edison, Henry Ford, and Harvey Firestone. Visiting the house allows guests to experience the past in unique and interesting ways.

EXTERIOR PAINTING BEING COMPLETED; INTERIOR WORK CONTINUES – Passers-by will note that the west wall of the Gill House, including the large gable end facing Gill Avenue, is being painted during May and early June. This marks the official end of a multi-year painting project which has returned the house to its landmark appearance. The oval Dining Room has now been prepared for painting its trademark domed ceiling.

JOHNNY APPLESEED DAY IN GALION – Mark your calendars for great fun from 1 PM to 3:30 PM on July 27 as the Gill House hosts a party 250 years in the making! Galion is celebrating the birthday this year of John Chapman, better known as Johnny Appleseed, who was a frequent visitor here. Music, apple pie baking contests and sales, fun, tree plantings, and a treasure hunt through Galion to find Appleseed-planted orchards are on tap.

EERIE GALION WALKS BEGINNING IN JULY – Information will be released soon about the new edition of the hugely popular “Eerie Galion Walks,” which will begin during Pickle Run Weekend.

Information about these events, registration, and painting update photos will be available on our Facebook page, which can be found at:

Each Saturday, we post about local history. We call this series “Galion History Corner,” and we will be sharing not only stories about our shared heritage but also updates on history news here in southeast Crawford County.

This series is dedicated to the memory of Dr. Bernard M. Mansfield, whose “Your Historical Galion” was a fixture in weekend editions of the Galion Inquirer. Dr. Mansfield was a friend and family physician, and he inspired the current generation of Galion historians to continue his work.