Statistics kept by the Ohio State Highway Patrol show that the number of enforcement stops within the borders of Crawford County have increased substantially in 2023, year to date, versus the year before.

This increase was driven in large part by a higher number of warnings issued. It is unknown whether or not this rise was due to the new texting while driving law which, while applicable to more situations, is limited to the issue of warnings for the next few months.

Also increasing were the number of stops for seatbelt and commercial vehicle enforcement issues, while there was a decrease in crashes investigated.

The lower number of crashes may account in part for a corresponding reduction in fatal crashes this year in Crawford County. The latest numbers show that there was one fatal crash as of April 23, compared to 5 in 2022 and 6 in 2021, year to date.

A comparison chart issued by the Ohio State Highway Patrol is below (again, as of April 23):

Enforcement Stops1,062778
Non-Enforcement Activity1,3081,032
Motorist Assists307309
Crashes Investigated4354
OVI Enforcement3131
Driving Under Suspension Enforcement5644
Seatbelt Enforcement134120
Distracted Driving Violations5160
Commercial Vehicle Enforcement196135
Felony Arrests66
Felony Warrants Served04
Misdemeanor Summons Issued1312
Misdemeanor Warrants Issued95
Drug Violations711
Identity Theft Enforcement00
Resisting Arrest Violations11
Weapons Violations21