November will be full of fun and learning opportunities at Lowe-Volk Park, the closest venue of the Crawford Park District to Galion. The following events are taking place during November.

To visit Lowe-Volk Park, take Portland Way North/State Route 598 north past US30 for three miles.

Homeschool in Nature: Habitracks

Thursday, November 3   10am & 2pm

This month the Crawford Park District Homeschooler will be a mix of learning about an animal’s needs in its habitat and reading a map! Dress for the weather. Call the Park District at 419-683-9000 to register your 5–12-year-old.  

Saw-Whet Owls

Friday, November 4   6pm 

Secretive and nocturnal, Saw-whets are Ohio’s smallest owl. With a handful of nesting records in Ohio, Saw-whets breed mostly in northern boreal forests, with some venturing south in the fall and winter months. The Crawford Park District welcomes bird bander Bob Placier as he  brings his mist nets back to Lowe-Volk to gather data on these diminutive owls. A PowerPoint presentation will be followed by checks of the mist nets in the hopes of catching a few of these nocturnal flyers.  Between net checks, there will be a campfire to enjoy the fall evening. Dress for the weather and bring a flashlight!  Fun for the whole family!

Fall Bird Banding

Saturday, November 5   8am-12pm

The Crawford Park District invites all bird enthusiasts out for this popular program.  Fall bird banding gives us insight into bird populations that remain in or come to Crawford County for the winter. Bob Placier will have his nets open to see who is hanging around this time of year. Fun for all ages! 

Little Explorers: Leaves

Monday, November 7   5pm

Little Explorers is an interactive program offered by the Crawford Park District for young children, ages 0-5. Activities focus on stimulating infants’ senses and engaging toddlers’ fine motor skills. This month we’ll explore our beautiful fall foliage! Please dress for the weather.

Looking at Nature’s Micro World

Saturday, November 12   10am

The Crawford Park District invites school age kids to come and explore the small things in nature.  Learn how to use a variety of magnifying lenses, microscopes, stereo microscopes, digital microscopes, binoculars, and even a camera to make the small things in nature appear large and close-up. You will have hands-on opportunities to use the magnifiers to explore the small things in our natural world. This class is especially designed for ages 5-12. Call the Crawford Park District at 419-683-9000 to register, but walk-ins are welcome. 

Stewardship: Woody Invasive Species

Saturday, November 12   11am

Do you enjoy getting your hands dirty while contributing to preserving our native habitats? Then come on out and assist Crawford Park District Land Manager Kyle Bailey with removing unwanted woody species. We will begin with a brief introduction about stewardship and our target species before heading out into the field. Closed-toe shoes are required; long sleeves and pants are suggested. There is a possibility of contact with Poison Ivy. Dress for the weather. Some gloves and loppers will be available.

Owl Prowl

Saturday, November 12   7pm

Did you know that Ohio is home to eight species of owls, with only four species being full-time residents? The Crawford Park District invites you to come out and learn about these amazing avian predators of the night. We will meet in the Lowe-Volk Park Nature Center to discuss the natural history of owls before heading out onto the property to listen and look for owls..

Feeding Day

Sunday, November 13   1pm

The animals that reside in the Crawford Park District’s Lowe Volk Park Nature Center get a variety of food. Some prefer worms or mice while others gobble up leafy greens and vegetables. Stop by to help Naturalist Lisa feed some of our animal ambassadors.

Viewing the Night Sky

Saturday, November 26   5:30pm

Join members of the Crawford Park Astronomy Club as they share their knowledge and telescope skills with all who are interested in the celestial sights. Some of the targets for fall are: 

Saturn – is back in the night sky and is an amazing object to observe due to its distinct

     ring. Titan is the largest of its 82 moons and might be visible.

Jupiter – will be rising later, with opportunities to see four moons around this

 giant gas planet.

Milky Way – lots of objects in the central region of our galaxy.

M4 – globular cluster 5,500 light years away, found in Scorpius, and containing more than

100,000 stars.

Lagoon Nebula (M8) – is found in Sagittarius and is a giant cloud of gas and dust creating young stars.

Eagle Nebula (M16) – young open cluster 7000 light years away found in the constellation Serpens.

Omega Nebula (M17) – also known as Swan Nebula, Checkmark Nebula, Lobster Nebula,

    and the Horseshoe Nebula, is 6000 light years away, and is 15 light years in diameter.

M22 – near the galactic bulge, this elliptical globular cluster can be found 10,000 light

     years away and has some of the oldest known

     stars in the sky.

There are a lot of other objects to view. What we see will depend on what the clouds are doing.

Lowe-Volk Park is located 3 miles north of US Route 30.

Book Club

Wednesday, November 30   6pm

Calling all book lovers! The Crawford Park District Book Club is looking for new members to join. Each month we will read and discuss a book that relates to the flora and fauna of nature. Fiction, non-fiction, comedies, tragedies, mysteries, classics, all types are welcomed and enjoyed. Come on out with a book of your choice, join in the discussion, and enjoy book of the month-themed snacks like trail mix, huckleberries, and even bear claws!