Of the many unique aspects of life that have long been a part of life in north central Ohio, a bag of Ballreich’s chips is certainly one of them. While based in nearby Tiffin, news about that company and its offerings can impact Galion area residents as well.

In a move that has left snack aficionados buzzing, Ballreich Snack Foods has been acquired by Cincinnati’s Grippo’s. Both companies, with a rich history spanning over a century, are set to create a snack empire that will not only expand their market reach but also bring new employment opportunities to Seneca County.

The Legacy of Two Giants

Ballreich Snack Foods was founded in 1920 by Fred and Ethel Ballreich, who began their journey by making homemade potato chips in their garage on Ohio Street. On the other hand, Grippo’s has been a family-run business since 1919, initiated by Angelo and Emma Grippo in downtown Cincinnati. Originally manufacturers of sugar cones and pretzels, both companies have diversified their product lines over the years to include flavored potato chips, pretzels, and pork rinds, among other snack items.

A Win-Win for Both Brands

Tom Miller, President of Ballreich Snack Foods, expressed his enthusiasm about the merger, stating, “This is an exciting new chapter for all of us associated with Ballreich’s, and a tremendous opportunity for Grippo’s and our community as well.” He emphasized that the deal would provide Grippo’s with the additional capacity they need to grow, thanks to Ballreich’s existing resources and skilled workforce. Grippo’s also plans to ramp up production by hiring new employees from the Tiffin community, while continuing to promote the Ballreich brand.

Expanding Horizons and Job Opportunities

Teri Baker, President of Grippo’s and a fourth-generation member of the founding family, shared her insights on the acquisition. “Bringing together the renowned history and tradition of Ballreich with Grippo’s is a winning proposition all around,” she said. The merger will allow Grippo’s to extend its production northward to Seneca County, relying on the talent and experience of the current Ballreich team. This will also enable both companies to extend market awareness and strengthen their respective brands.

The Future Looks Crunchy

Grippo’s, already the Official Chip of several Ohio-based sports teams and institutions, is set to further solidify its position in the snack food market. The company prides itself on making snacks daily with no preservatives and has a wide market reach that extends to Ohio, Indiana, Kentucky, and Tennessee. For more information, you can visit Grippo’s official website.