Columbus appeared on the radar screen of a Forbes feature writer this past week.

Katie Chang’s article, titled “Why You Should Plan a Spring Trip to Columbus, Ohio: A Hidden Gem in Plain Sight,” is an engaging piece that highlights what it describes as the often-overlooked charms of Columbus as a travel destination.

Chang begins the article with a brief introduction to Columbus, providing some historical context. She then proceeds to detail various attractions and activities that make the city worth visiting during the spring season. The author’s recommendations range from cultural institutions such as the Columbus Museum of Art and Franklin Park Conservatory to recreational activities like the Scioto Mile and the Columbus Zoo and Aquarium. Chang also includes a nod to the city’s burgeoning food scene and a selection of unique accommodation options.

Chang uses evocative language to describe the city’s natural beauty, architectural landmarks, and the buzz of its streets. She also shares personal anecdotes and experiences, which lend an authentic voice to the piece. There are lots of photos that follow the same themes.

The article is a captivating and informative read that successfully conveys the appeal of Columbus as a spring travel destination. It challenges the stereotype of the city as just another Midwestern town and encourages readers to discover the hidden gem that it truly is.

Crawford Countians might read about something new and intriguing and make the trip down SR61 and I71.

“Why You Should Plan a Spring Trip to Columbus, Ohio: A Hidden Gem in Plain Sight” can be read here.