An exciting and innovative exhibition is underway at Kingwood Center Gardens in nearby Mansfield.

Nature Connects®, an award-winning visual display by the celebrated artist Sean Kenney, who uses LEGO® pieces as his medium​, is a fascinating showcase of art and nature that has been drawing crowds and breaking attendance records since its inception in 2012 and continues to captivate audiences today with its exquisite and intricate sculptures​​.

The exhibition invites visitors on an inspiring journey that provokes contemplation on the interconnectedness of our natural world. Through gravity-defying and precise LEGO structures, Kenney’s work sparks a joyful sense of wonder in viewers of all ages. The exhibit displays 15 incredible sculptures crafted with over 460,000 LEGO bricks. These works range from a detailed replica of Kingwood Hall to an array of nature-inspired creations that promise to engage and inspire visitors.

In addition to the LEGO sculptures, the exhibition offers a variety of interactive and educational activities that further explore the theme of interconnectedness in nature. Activities include “Weaving Webs”, where visitors can use natural materials to weave a community web, and “Habitat Homes”, which allows guests to construct habitat homes or shelters for animals using items found in nature​.

One of the unique features of the exhibition is the “Community Creations” competition, which encourages community members of all ages to create free-form, nature-based sculptures. These works are then displayed in the Exhibit Gallery, offering visitors a chance to appreciate the creativity of their local community​.

Artist Sean Kenney is an award-winning artist who has gained recognition for his unique use of LEGO pieces as a medium for contemporary sculpture. His work has been acclaimed by The New York Times, PBS Arts, BBC Arts, and Vogue. Kenney continues to create every day at his studio in Brooklyn​. Imagine Exhibitions, the company producing the Nature Connects exhibition, currently operates over 40 unique exhibitions globally. With its focus on creating experiences that educate, excite, and draw crowds, Imagine Exhibitions consistently succeeds in exceeding attendance goal.

The Nature Connects exhibition will be on display from until September 17. Admission is $8 per person for ages 13 and older, with free entry for kids 12 and under and Kingwood members. The exhibit offers timed tickets based on a 1.5-hour arrival window, allowing visitors to enjoy the exhibit and gardens at their own pace​.

From the artistry of Sean Kenney’s LEGO sculptures to the exploration of the intricate connections of our natural world, the Nature Connects exhibit at Kingwood Center Gardens offers a unique and engaging experience for visitors of all ages. This blend of art, education, and community engagement makes the exhibition a must-see this summer.

In terms of complete coverage, I couldn’t find a detailed description of each of the 15 LEGO sculptures on display at the exhibition. If that is a critical piece of information you need for your feature, I recommend directly reaching out to Kingwood Center Gardens or visiting the exhibition in person for firsthand experience.

Work by Sean Kenney

Image: Creative Commons License