The Avita Health System Board of Directors announced the recent election of the following new officers: Mark Schneider, Board Chair; Jeff Underwood, Vice Chair; Linda Smith, Treasurer; and Sherri Clevenger, Secretary. Board officers are elected to a two-year term.

Mr. Schneider has served on the Avita Board of Directors, and previously the Galion Community Hospital Board of Directors, since 2007. He is a retired funeral director, embalmer, and owner of the Mark A. Schneider Funeral Home in Crestline and Galion, which became the Mark A. Schneider-Gompf Funeral Home in 2016.  

Mr. Underwood is a partner in the law firm of Bayer, Jerger & Underwood Co., LPA in Mansfield. He has served on the Avita Board of Directors since 2014.

Ms. Smith is the executive director of administrative operations for Shelby Horizons Ltd. and the Secretary/Treasurer for Firenze Valley Farms, Inc. in Mansfield. She has served on the Avita Board of Directors since 2014.

Ms. Clevenger is Vice President at First Federal Bank of Ohio in Galion. She has served on the Avita Board of Directors since 2010.

Source, Photo: Avita

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