The City of Galion Service Department has announced that its annual leaf collection program will commence on Monday, October 30.

Residents of the city are encouraged to rake leaves into the tree lawn in front of their homes for collection. This is a much-anticipated service that helps keep the city clean and prepares it for the winter months.

Weekly Ward Rounds

Service Department crews will make their rounds once a week in each ward. It’s important to note that once the crew has completed a pickup on your street, they will not return until the following week. This is to ensure that all areas of the city receive equal attention and service.

Guidelines for Leaf Piling

Residents are urged to avoid piling leaves in the road or over storm drains, as this can cause drainage issues and road hazards. The Service Department has made it clear that they reserve the right to skip any leaf piles that are obstructed by parked vehicles or are piled around utility poles or sign posts.

What Not to Include

The city has specified that branches, wood chips, and other yard waste materials should not be included in the leaf piles. These materials can damage the equipment used for collection. For those who have additional yard waste, the Taylor Road Composting Facility will be open on November 17 and 18, from 7:30 AM – 2:30 PM, to accept such waste.

Image by AdamNir from Pixabay