The Galion Public Library is extending an invitation to budding and experienced writers to participate in their first-ever Holiday Flash Fiction Contest. This contest is a chance for writers to showcase their storytelling prowess in a succinct format, with each entry limited to a 1,500-word count. Entries exceeding this limit will not be considered for the competition.

Details of the Flash Fiction Contest

Flash Fiction is renowned for its brevity, allowing writers to express vivid stories in a limited space. The Galion Public Library encourages participants to craft narratives that captivate from the first word to the last, all within the 1,500-word threshold.

The library emphasizes community involvement, promising to share submissions with other patrons who will then have the privilege to vote and help decide the winner. This interactive element will not only engage the library’s patrons but also provide writers with valuable feedback from a diverse audience.

Categories and Content Guidelines

Participants will compete in two age brackets: Young Adult (ages 16-24) and Adult (ages 25 and above). All stories must be appropriate for the intended category and audience. Works containing explicit material must be properly indicated with a warning at the start of the submission.

Submission Instructions

Enthusiasts are requested to submit their flash fiction pieces via email to The email must include the author’s name, age, and a title for the flash fiction piece.

Key Dates

The deadline for submissions is set for Monday, December 11th. Writers are encouraged to mark their calendars and submit their stories before this date to ensure their creative works are included.

This event not only fosters a love for literature but also allows for a festive, intellectual celebration during the holiday season. Writers, it’s time to let your imaginations soar and your pens write tales that will be remembered.

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