The numbers, as they say, speak for themselves.

The Ohio State University’s Mansfield campus has a substantial impact on north central Ohio. This conclusion is clear based on the contents of the 2022 Impact Report recently published by OSUM.

Its publication was accompanied by a note from Interim OSUM Interim Dean and Director which reads as follows:

Dear Friends: FIRST AND FOREMOST, thank you for your ongoing support, advocacy, and work on behalf of The Ohio State University at Mansfield. I’m truly grateful for you, and for the many conversations both past and future.

The future is very bright. Each day I see many exciting possibilities for this campus as we continue the great journey on expanding opportunities in STEM, degree programs like Biology and the Bachelor of Science in Engineering Technology, continuing the strong legacy in education, English, and the many outstanding degrees at the campus.

The most important asset in this region is the people, and I mean that sincerely. I am impressed everyday with the people on campus and in the community, and the enthusiasm and love everyone has for both. Despite declining overall enrollments here, across the state and in the nation, Mansfield continues to be a leader in recruiting a diverse student body. This is but one of many points of pride.

I am passionate about moving Mansfield campus initiatives forward while I serve in the interim role on campus, and I hope you will join me in celebrating the successes and continued growth.

Sincerely, Eric M. Anderman

Numbers shared in the 16 page Report include the following measures of impact:

  • 308 jobs supported in region
  • $13.1 labor impact in region
  • $766,952 in direct, indirect and induced state and local tax impact
  • 42% first generations students
  • 23% identify as students of color
  • 30% of OSU students begin on regional campuses
  • 70.6 OSUM retention rate

The Report itself includes stories about the following, among others:

  • STEM renovations at Conard Hall
  • Alumni Honors
  • New programs and scholarships
  • Student profiles
  • Connections between Mansfield and The Shoe

To read the 2022 OSUM Impact Report, click here.

Source: OSUM; Photo: Creative Commons License