Marking our tenth month in operation, we are again sharing our introductory post, which has information about what you are seeing and how you can participate with 1831Galion.

You are visiting the newest site published by one of Ohio’s most unique media companies.

1831Galion is operated by Total|Local Media, a company focused on creating innovative ways for communities to share news and information. We currently publish 1812Blockhouse, which covers Mansfield and Richland County; and 1808Delaware, Delaware County’s only digital-only news site.

If you would like a full explanation of what makes us tick, it can be found here: Our “Secret Sauce.”

A somewhat quicker and more direct version is this – on 1831Galion, you will be able to:

  • Read original stories, all of which will focus on Galion, Galionites, or other topics which are of general local interest including Crawford County news.
  • View posts in regular series which we run on our other sites that highlight elements that make each community unique. “Everything You Always Wanted To Know About” is one such series, which focuses attention on a place, name, street – and tells their stories. Our “Summer Road Trips” posts suggest easy day trips to unusual and interesting places to visit within a short drive from here. We also share Galion history-focused articles each Saturday on “Galion History Corner,” and will be beginning our new “Landmarks of Galion” series soon.
  • Access links to stories from other local media covering Galion or Galionites. This is one feature that really sets us apart – we believe in making as much relevant information as possible available to our readers, whether we wrote it or not.

We are very open to submissions from readers and those who would like to get a byline on their resume. Just drop us a line at Please include us on your organization’s press release distribution and send us events and happenings in your corner of Galion.

Oh – and by the way – unlike some other local media, we’re free and intend on remaining that way. We also don’t hound you with constant “pop up” notices. 

One additional note — for the time being, 1831Galion will not cover local, state, or national political or government news. 1831Galion is brought to you by the same team and direction as GalionLive, which was in operation from 2008 to 2014. Now, as then, the focus is on this community.

In fact, 1831Galion is the only home-based and locally-owned news and information site in Galion. We’re mighty proud of that.

Hence our slogan – “Feels Like Home!

Because it is.