By Thomas Palmer

This week on Galion History Corner, we look ahead at two unique opportunities to indulge in a sampling of local history in Crawford County.

The Crawford County History Alliance (CCHA) is offering this experience for history enthusiasts and curious locals alike by hosting two special bus tours aimed at covering each of the historical museums and venues listed in the Crawford County Passport. Scheduled for Sunday, September 24, and Sunday, October 1, these tours promise a hassle-free and enlightening experience.

Departing from the Lowe-Volk Nature Center at 1:00 PM sharp, each tour will have two 40-passenger buses, one covering the eastern museums and venues, and the other focusing on the western ones. The tours are not just a leisurely ride through the county’s historical landmarks; they offer a chance to get your Passport fully stamped. The eastern itinerary will include Galion stops at the Big Four Depot, Hayden-Helfrich Museum, Brownella Cottage, and the Gill House.

A fully stamped Passport makes you eligible for a prize drawing on October 21, with the Grand Prize being a new Bucyrus Copper Kettle Works kettle. Additional prizes are also up for grabs.

The Logistics: How to Make the Most of Your Historical Journey

The tours are free of charge, operating on a first-come, first-served basis. Each bus will have a CCHA representative to guide the tour and provide insightful commentary. The approximate arrival and departure times for the various stops on each tour are listed in the “Comments” section below, with about 25 to 30 minutes allocated for each location. This allows ample time for exploration and, of course, getting that all-important Passport stamp.

For those who prefer the freedom of their own vehicle, each museum and venue will be open throughout the afternoon on both tour days. Just bring your Passport or pick one up at your first stop. This flexibility ensures that everyone can participate in this historical journey, regardless of their preferred mode of transportation.

More Than Just a Souvenir

The Crawford County Passport is not just a booklet; it’s your ticket to a prize drawing. By attending all the locations and getting your Passport fully stamped, you become eligible to enter the drawing on October 21. The Grand Prize is a new kettle from Bucyrus Copper Kettle Works, a local artisanal manufacturer known for its quality copperware. Additional prizes of lesser value will also be distributed, making the Passport not just a keepsake but a potential key to fabulous prizes.

Why You Shouldn’t Miss This Opportunity

The Crawford County History Alliance’s bus tours offer a unique blend of education and entertainment. They provide a convenient way to explore the county’s rich history without the hassle of driving, all while offering the chance to win exciting prizes. Whether you’re a history buff, a local resident, or a visitor looking to make the most of your time in Crawford County, these tours offer something for everyone.

So, mark your calendars for September 24 and October 1, and get ready for a journey through time. Happy history touring and Passport stamping!

For more information on the tours and how to participate, visit the Crawford County History Alliance website.

Each Saturday, we share a post about local history. We call this series “Galion History Corner,” and we will be sharing not only stories about our shared heritage but also updates on history news here in southeast Crawford County.

This series is dedicated to the memory of Dr. Bernard M. Mansfield, whose “Your Historical Galion” was a fixture in weekend editions of the Galion Inquirer. Dr. Mansfield was a friend and family physician, and he inspired the current generation of Galion historians to continue his work.