When Public Square was transformed in 1995 as part of the City of Galion’s first $400,000 downtown revitalization grant, the members of Main Street Galion decided to make “lemonade out of lemons.”

As the entire surface of the Square was set to be disturbed, with the surface below dug down several feet for installation of new infrastructure, downtown advocates saw an opportunity. They secured participation by Uptowne businesses and other interests, then secured participation by Galion non-profit organizations and churches, and held a giant Monopoly-style game.

Individual spaces were sponsored by businesses, and teams took their respective icons around the “board.” The gameplay itself was undertaken by organizational representatives at a central table. The entire event was emceed so that all could participate.

We recently secured a short five minute clip taken before the game began, a section of an even longer video which we will be sharing at some point. Still, even this point shows a rare video view of the old Public Square, and includes faces which have long since left us.