On Friday, January 20th, the Galion Middle School eSports Club held its first event—a Mario Kart tournament. Eight 7th and 8th grade students competed against each other in the friendly competition. Players competed in Mario Kart races using various power-up items. The game features characters and courses from the Mario series.

The tournament consisted of several practice races before a double-elimination bracket. This structure allowed each racer to warm up and get familiar with the courses. In each round, four players raced around different tracks while trying to sling shells or other power-up items at their opponents. The other four players played a crossover game called Super Smash Bros to unlock new characters for future club meetings and events. The top three champions of the first-ever Mario Kart tournament were Parker Wolfersberger, Karmyne McCallister, and Cyrus Eisnaugle.

The Galion Middle School eSports program will continue as an after-school club coached by Middle School teacher Charles Wilson. “It’s great to see the students excited about being a part of this club,” explained Mr. Wilson. “You can feel the energy in the school when students ask about the club.” The club will meet after school on Thursdays during February. Students who competed in the Mario Kart tournament will be invited to participate in the GMS eSports Club as well as others who have signed up.

The club’s second event will be a thrilling Super Smash Bros. tournament on March 23rd! All 7th and 8th-grade students who sign up can participate. Sign-up details will be distributed on March 2nd.

The Galion Middle School eSports Club is an excellent example of how the district strives to promote learning, collaboration, and fun among our students. The program offers an exciting way for students to get involved with video gaming while building a strong sense of community. With the launch of this club, the district looks forward to seeing more successes and achievements from our students for years to come

Source, Photos: Galion Public Schools