Announced earlier this month, Northmor Local School District has earned the prestigious Momentum Award from the Ohio Department of Education and Workforce for the 2022-2023 school year. This honor recognizes schools that have shown marked improvement in Ohio’s School Report Cards, reflecting the dedication and hard work of district staff, students, and parents.

The Momentum Award: Criteria and Significance

To earn the Momentum Award, a district must demonstrate a considerable increase in its Performance Index (PI) score. The PI is calculated based on students’ performance on state tests, and districts must improve by at least three points over the previous year’s report card to qualify for the award. Additionally, recipients must receive a progress rating of four or more stars on the report card.

Northmor Local Schools is one of only 42 districts across the entire state to meet these rigorous criteria, highlighting the exceptional progress made by the district.

Northmor’s Remarkable Progress

The recognition comes as a testament to Northmor’s commitment to excellence. The Ohio School Report Cards rate districts in five key categories: Achievement, Progress, Gap Closing, Graduation, and Early Literacy. Northmor’s ability to make such significant strides across these metrics showcases the district’s dedication to continuous improvement.

Superintendent Chad Redmon expressed his pride in the district’s accomplishment, stating, “Receiving this award confirms all the hard work and efforts of district staff, students, and parents alike within the Northmor School Community. This special award shows that every moment matters at Northmor, and this award is a testament to our commitment to improvement, growth, and student success.”

What This Means for Northmor and the Community

The Momentum Award not only recognizes past achievements but also sets a positive tone for the future. It serves as an indicator that Northmor is on the right path to ensuring student success and fostering a supportive learning environment.

With this accolade, Northmor’s educators, students, and families can take pride in their collective efforts. The district’s continued growth will undoubtedly benefit the broader community, as schools that excel tend to foster a more positive and productive atmosphere for everyone involved.

Photo: Creative Commons License